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Tech of the Week

Please join us in welcoming our ‘Tech of the Week’!  

This week’s tech is Ashley Neighbor. 

Ashley joined our PTC family a year and a half ago. Ashley is our ‘crafts connoisseur’. She brings out our kid’s artistic side with projects such as slime making, painting, and clay sculpting. Ashley enjoys working with our younger kiddos. She can match their energy and it’s not uncommon to see her running back and forth, with a client on her back, just to make them laugh. 

When Ashley’s not on the clock, she is a full-time mom to 2 children, Mattie and Maverick. She enjoys spending time with her family at their cabin at George Town Lake. She’s also no stranger to the pink lipstick section at Ulta.  

Thank you, Ashley. We appreciate you and all you do!